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Kerrie Sanson, sole proprietor and creator of Preserve, stumbled upon the idea for Preserve while working as the executive chef at Heyday Farm. Kerrie worked tirelessly to accomodate the copious amounts of produce coming off the farm. Kerrie is dedicated to offering the most flavorful and nutritious products to accompany locally sourced meats, cheeses and breads. 

Preserve works with local farmers to gather the freshest produce and sustain their flavor long after the season has passed. We are able to meet the needs of local farmers who desperately need options for their tomatoes, cucumbers, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb and other fruits and vegetables. 

About Preserve

Listen to hear Kerrie explain her passion for processing food!


From the Press

"Her banner advertises tomato jam, onion relish, cherry mostarda, fig jam and orange marmelade, but in reality, Sanson’s offerings depend on the season. And she’s not going to let the signage contain her."


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